Girls Varsity Tennis · Girl’s Varsity Tennis Team Finished 2nd at Pittsburg Invitational

  Place Points
St James Academy 1st 13
Pittsburg 2nd 8
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School 3rd 8
Chanute High School 4th 8
Blue Valley Southwest High School 5th 3

Team scores
1st St. James Academy -13
T 2nd Pittsburg 8 finished in 2nd with 97/80 54.8%
T 2nd St Thomas Aquinas 8 in 3rd with 87/92 48.6%
T 2nd Chanute 8 in 4th with 76/95 %
5th Blue Valley SW 3

Individual Results #1 Singles
Emily McGown 2nd place
def Dunn St Thomas Aquinas 5-0 def (8-0)
def Babcock Chanute 8-1
lost to Rassmussen St James 8-1
def Heidenrich BVSW 8-1

#2 Singles
Marci Brown 2nd place
def Law St Thomas Aquinas 8-2
lost to Willson BVSW 8-7 (4)
def Jarvis St James 8-5
lost to Osborn Chanute 8-5

#1 Doubles
Emma Lawson/Carmen Kent 4th place
lost Clune/Gay St Thomas Aquinas 8-6
def Skouse/Morris BVSW 8-5
lost to Shepard/Staley St James 8-1
lost to Kyed/Falk Chanute 8-2

#2 Doubles
Elle Slaughter/Lillie Cawyer 3rd
lost to Derley/Temple St thoams Aquinas 8-5
def Ellis/Johnson 8-2
lost to Vedock/Holtaus St James 8-6
def Jacobs/Rutledge Chanute 8-0

Highest we have ever finished in this high competitive meet