Purple Dragons News · USD 250 to host SEK Regional & State Archery Tournament

Kansas National Archery in Schools program is holding the state tournament in three towns, Pittsburg, Chapman, and Dodge City instead of having archers traveling to one town this year. The tournament will combine both the Regional and State tournament.  Pittsburg will have the State 3D tournament in the Megan Mallatt Activity Center and the Bullseye tournament in the Main Gym.
There will be 240 archers shooting from 8 am to 3 pm on Saturday, March 20th.  PHS archers are shooting from 8 to 1.
The tournament will follow County Guidelines:
Main gym – 350 which includes participants – 4 spectators / archer

MMAC – 100 which includes participants – 3 spectators / archer
Gyms will be cleared for sanitizing between rounds.
Photo: Kate Poling-Cummings, 2021