Purple Dragons News · PCMS Boys Basketball Games Live Stream on Dragon Activities Youtube Channel

The PCMS Boy’s basketball team takes on the Royster Rockets of Chanute at home tonight starting at 4pm. All games will be streamed on the Dragon Activities Youtube channel. The 7th grade teams play in the old gym and the 8th grade teams play in the new gym. You will see the specific gym cameras labeled by the grade level. You can click on the grade level you are wanting to view. The schedule is as follows.  We will have one continuous stream so please remember the game times are approximations.

4pm 7th JV(C) and 8th JV(C)

445pm 7thB and 8th B

530pm 7th B and 8th B

We hope you enjoy getting to see our boys compete. Attendees are limited to 2 parent/guardians per player so we are glad to be able to provide this service.  We hope you enjoy the updated system for viewing our games.