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Multiple Teams · Pittsburg High School Girls Junior Varsity Tennis falls to Fort Scott High School 4-2

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

4:00 PM

Pittsburg High School

Fort Scott High School

Meet Recap

Dual Scores
Ft. Scott 4 Pittsburg 2
1 Singles Libby Vogel def. Abbie Houston 6-4
2 Singles Audrey Goode lost to Alexis Bailey 6-1
3 Singles Lizzy Adamson def. Shaylee Terry 6-1
4 Singles Emily Tarter lost to Addie Smith 6-3
Lillie Cawyer/Emma Lawson lost to Abbie Houston/Alexis Bailey 6-4
Jaya Merrifield /Dejah Hutson lost to Addie Smith/Shaylee Terry 6-4

Ft. Scott 6 Pittsburg White 0
1 Singles Emma Fischer lost to Houston 6-1
2 Singles Amber Kratz lost to Bailey 6-0
3 Singles Sarai Perez lost to Terry 6-1
4 Singles Felicity Kramer lost to Smith 6-1
1 Doubles Kellie Harris/Emma Fischer lost to Houston/Bailey 6-1
2 Doubles Maddie Shawn/Sophie Shope lost to Smith/Terry 6-1

Pittsburg Purple 6 Pittsburg White 0
1 S Vogel def Fischer 6-4
2 S Goode def Kratz 6-3
3 S Adamson def Perez 6-1
4 S Tarter def Kramer 6-2
1D Cawyer /Lawson def Harris/Fischer 6-0
2D Minniefield/Hutson def Shope/Shawn 6-1

We had some very tight matches in our doubles in the first match vs Ft. Scott and our kids played great -we have now used all 27 of our players in our first 2 weeks of competition and we are really happy with how our young players are developing.