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Multiple Teams · Pittsburg High School Coed Varsity Wrestling finishes 1st place

Thursday, December 8, 2016

5:30 PM





Meet Recap

Carl Junction vs. Pittsburg @ Pittsburg Double Dual on 12/08/2016.

This was the first time for many of these Dragon wrestlers to compete in a Varsity dual match. It’s a good learning experience. In the future they will be in a full time variety role. Coach Akins and Corado felt they competed well. The Varsity went to Council Bluffs, IA on Thursday evening for competition on Friday and Saturday.

Carl Junction (CARLJCT) 48.00 Pittsburg (PITT) 30.00
106: Chris Gordon (CARLJCT) over Blayne Anderson (PITT) (Fall 1:06) 113: Dalton Jones (CARLJCT) over Jorden Johnson (PITT) (Fall 2:00) 120: Antonio Ortiz (PITT) over Noah Carpenter (CARLJCT) (Fall 2:50) 126: Tyler Church (CARLJCT) over Zach Barber (PITT) (Fall 1:11) 132: Holden Hughes (CARLJCT) over Joseph Lee (PITT) (Fall 2:43) 138: David Green (PITT) over Brooks Neria (CARLJCT) (Dec 8-1) 145: Skylur Vonwinklepleck (PITT) over Dalton Honey (CARLJCT) (Fall 0:59) 152: Isiac Shields (CARLJCT) over Jonathon Smith (PITT) (Fall 1:12) 160: Jesse Kennedy (CARLJCT) over Jessie Stover (PITT) (Fall 0:36) 170: Channing Massey (PITT) over Tyler Benifal (CARLJCT) (Dec 12-10) 182: Kitch Channel (CARLJCT) over RJ Foresman (PITT) (Fall 3:01) 195: Tyler Watson (PITT) over (CARLJCT) (For.) 220: Noah Kangas (PITT) over Micah Lieberman (CARLJCT) (Fall 0:43) 285: Zeke Wall (CARLJCT) over Zach Kunkler (PITT) (Fall 2:38)

Pittsburg vs. Paola High School @ Pittsburg Double Dual on 12/08/2016.

Paola High School (PHS) 41.00 Pittsburg (PITT) 36.00
106: Preston Martin (PHS) over Blayne Anderson (PITT) (Fall 1:06) 113: Micheal Searcy (PHS) over Jorden Johnson (PITT) (Fall 0:35) 120: Noah Bowden (PHS) over Antonio Ortiz (PITT) (Fall 5:28) 126: Zach Barber (PITT) over Taylor Rosner (PHS) (Fall 0:33) 132: Garrett Weers (PHS) over Joseph Lee (PITT) (Dec 7-0) 138: David Green (PITT) over Riley Razo (PHS) (Fall 1:10) 145: Skylur Vonwinklepleck (PITT) over Brendan Ohlmeier (PHS) (Fall 2:58) 152: Gavin Stark (PHS) over Jonathon Smith (PITT) (Dec 8-7) 160: Andrew Bevis (PHS) over Jessie Stover (PITT) (Fall 3:23) 170: Jaden Knecht (PHS) over Channing Massey (PITT) (TF 17-0 4:39) 182: Mikey Stribling (PHS) over RJ Foresman (PITT) (Fall 2:36) 195: Tyler Watson (PITT) over Tommy Shay (PHS) (Fall 2:57) 220: Noah Kangas (PITT) over Cam Mason (PHS) (Fall 0:22) 285: Zach Kunkler (PITT) over Luke Murphy (PHS) (Fall 1:05)


School Place Points
Carl Junction High School
Pittsburg High School
Paola High School